March 25th 2020: Faculty Standing Health Committee (FSHC) discuss cuts to grad student insurance, with minimal student input.

      March 27th 2020: Grad student rep on FSHC informs student body of proposed cuts and solicits feedback.

      March 31st 2020: FSHC recommends proposed cuts to Provost without a vote.

      April 2nd 2020: Grad students asked administrators 90 healthcare questions during COVID-19 town hall and the vast majority were ignored.

      April 3rd 2020: CAH forms to solicit stories about healthcare at Caltech and begins drafting petition.

      April 14th 2020: CAH hosts its own town hall to answer student questions and gather feedback on petition demands. All invited administrators decline to attend. CAH surveys grad students for further feedback on petition.

      April 26th 2020: After receiving overwhelming positive feedback from ~260 grad students, CAH releases petition demanding no cuts and transparency in decision-making.

      May 1st 2020: With signatures from over 40% of the grad student body and endorsements from 24 campus groups, CAH sends the petition to administrators requesting a meeting to discuss the cuts.

      May 5th 2020: Administrators respond to CAH declining to discuss the cuts or petition.

      May 6th 2020: Administrators email the entire student body finalizing the health insurance cuts.

      May 8th 2020: CAH puts out a press release about the healthcare cuts.

      May 11th 2020: Several members of CAH meet with the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Faculty Standing Health Committee, who explain that they do not have final decision-making power but agree to answer questions at a future town hall.

      July 1st 2020: Students begin receiving notices in the mail from the insurer United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR) informing them that going forwards they will need prior authorization for medications they are currently taking. CAH puts out a form to gauge how many students are affected.

      July 6th 2020: Enrollment period for the insurance year 2020-21 begins.

      August 11th 2020: CAH emails senior administrators asking that they respond to the petition, saying for each item whether they will implement it or the rationale for rejecting it.

      August 21st 2020: Enrollment period for the insurance year 2020-21 ends.

      August 24th 2020: Deadline for response from administrators passes, no response received.

      September 1st 2020: Insurance year begins.

      September 4th 2020: Administrators respond to our August 11th email, but do not answer the petition demands directly, rather they repeat talking points again.

      September 5th 2020: Chair of the Faculty Standing Health Committee Henry Lester informs the committee members that two weeks prior, reps from UHCSR met with the Institute Benefits Committee. Insurance reps argued that claims paid out for the student health insurance plan were nearly as high as the revenue from premiums for the past year.

      September 6th 2020: CAH responds to administrators, asking them again to respond point by point to the petition.

      September 11th 2020: Two CAH organizers are elected by the Graduate Student Council to serve as the student reps for 2020-21 on the Faculty Health Committee.

      September 14th 2020: Administrators respond by ending the conversation and ask CAH members to address their concerns to the students representatives on the Faculty Health Committee.

      September 16th 2020: CAH responds to administrators informing them that two of the people they have been corresponding with are in fact the student representatives on the Faculty Standing Health Committee.

      September 28th – October 28th 2020: GSC Quality of Life Survey open.

      October 11th 2020: Chair of the Faculty Standing Health Committee Henry Lester emails the committee members with news that UHCSR has approached Caltech with an offer for the 2021-22 academic year, which would result in an 18% premium increase to maintain all current benefits.

      December 22nd 2020 – Preliminary results from GSC Quality of Life Survey announced.

      February 18th 2021: Faculty Standing Health Committee met and received an update from Caltech’s insurance broker Mercer. Caltech had received another bid from UHCSR, and while student reps were not given the details, we believe it corresponded to an around 30% premium increase. Bids from other companies were being sought.

      March 1st 2021: A CAH member presented health data from the GSC Quality of Life survey to the Faculty Board.

      April 21st 2021: Faculty Standing Health Committee meets. Student reps present further Quality of Life Survey data and insurance plan case studies. HR presents bids from insurance carriers.

      April 23rd 2021: Voting period opens for the GSC Board of Directors to endorse the policy statement on out of pocket costs vs. premium costs.

      April 27th 2021: GSC Board of Directors adopts the policy statement and informs the Faculty Standing Health Committee.

      April 28th 2021: Faculty Standing Health Committee meets and votes to recommend a decrease in deductible from $500 to $250 and a decrease in out of pocket maximum from $2000 to $1000.